Listen to me! Conference

Listen to me! Conference

«Listen to me!» Humanizing Human Practice is the title of the Third International Conference on Dialogical Practies that take place in Kristiansand, Norway these days.

The conferences on dialogical practices are all about developing dialogical ways of working together with individuals, families and communities. Through dialogue we can give space to people’s vitality.

This year’s conference pays special attention to working together with children, and to exploring ways to allow children to speak with their own voices in demanding situations. Under the slogan “Listen to me!” – Humanizing human practices», we’ll explore what might be involved in re-humanizing the practices of dialogue – many of which have become de-humanized in recent times – under three main headings:

  1. Dialogues of everyday life
  2. Dialogue and social justice
  3. The dialogical body

The conference aims to provide an arena were practitioners, scholars, researchers and service users from various disciplines can meet and share their experiences and ideas, and co-create ways of working dialogically within human practices.

On the 23rd of September a pre-conference will be organized with Jaakko Seikkula, John Shotter, Jim Wilson, Peter Rober, and Justine van Lawick. In the workshops the announced theme were highlighted through a mix of introductions, joint discussions and working in groups:


Jaakko Seikkula: «Dialogues as embodied dance in polyphonic settings»

Jaakko Seikkula

Peter Rober and Karine Van Tricht: «Feedback informed therapy with families and children: Making room for dialogues about difference»

Peter Rober and Karine Van Tricht-




Jim Wilson: «We Don´t Need No Diagnosis!»: On humanizing practices with children and young people.

Jim Wilson


John Shotter: «Early language learning and what our bodies do for us».

John Shotter

Justine van Lawick: «Working dialogically with children and parents in high conflict families».






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